Review book: Designing for touch by Josh Clark

Recently I finished reading the book Designing for touch wrote by Josh Clark, this book is really amazing because the author is mastery in the subject matter, I will tell you what are the points I liked.

Focus on research

Is important notice that the author put a lot information and references around the topics explain in the pages, this is great and prove his ability to dive in the deep touchscreen systems.

Is different that all I saw before

Josh brings thoughts around the touch screen technologies which I never saw before this book, for example, he explain about the muscle memory and how we expected the things works based on our previous experiences. He brings light about Discover, explain to us the importance about these gestures needing be explained to the user all time.

All developers would should ready that

Believe me, I recommend all people that work with software to read this book, it will change your thoughts about the theme, and can to provide many things which can help you and your team.

Throughout my career I work with a touch screen system, at 2019 I worked on a great project that had mission to build a unified system web-based for a large Dell Touch Screen, it was done and the project runs until today.