I started to build a player customized of the Spotify

A tiny history

Music and Spotify is a part of my routine for a long time, I like to hear musics on Spotify and I have many playlists in my account. As a developer, recently I discover the possibilities provided for the Spotify Web API and Spotify Web Playback API, how I already was studying React, so I decided to start a project to build a player just to practice my skills React and to test the possibilities of the API.

The initial idea

One feature that doesn't exist on Spotify is order by alphabetic, this feature give me the idea to start this project, so my first task was to make a prototype in Figma to understand more the MVP.

Side projects are good for to study

Another motivation to work in this project was because during my day for many years I have been coding using Angular, since 2019 I started to understand more about React and React Native, between 2019-2020 I launched  two amazing apps using React Native with Expo, as a result I learned the React principles.

Spotify API Dashboard

Spotify has a simple and easy dashboard to create, collect the client ID and secret, set localhost and others things.

In progress

I still developing the project, I pretend to open this project on my Github, but I own some tasks to do before. Soon, I'll update this article showing the progress.