How Angular is helping to build amazing solutions for Unimed Sul Capixaba

I have been inside the innovation team in Unimed Sul Capixaba, a company of the sector health, and my team in the last years coming using often Angular to build the front-end application SPA and was a good choice.

In particular, I love work with Angular primarily because it provides the power tools as the concept Pipes, that help a lot the work filter arrays, and this is most frequently a piece of my day coding a new system.

This month I'm working on new software for scheduling surgeries, and the result has been great, also let start our design system and all is going perfect.

In particular, I'm good at building de UI/UX, and this new work was drawing in Figma, another tool that I introduce in the company when I beginning work 2 years ago.

It this, I wanted to talk about these details around my work with Angular, in this project also exist an API GraphQL with NestJS + Apollo and REST API build with dotNet MVC.

I hope you like this article, bye!