Details about a beautiful work not launched

I'm showing in this post some details about a beautiful work that I not launched, at the time, I went pay to make a service for photographers, the idea was that the photographer can create albums of his work and share with your clients.

At the time, I was working with AngularJS, then all the solution went make using:

  • AngularJS
  • Firebase (Realtime Database)
  • API for Crop and Cache images – build with PHP (Laravel 5.4.x)
Screen of login

My organization using AngularJS

We are now in Angular 9.x.x, but at this time I working with AngularJS, it really makes the difference in the SPA systems, seeing my code, I did a great work with the organization files, I followed the tips of John Papa.

Inspired on Google Drive UX

I remember that I inspired myself the experience for Google Drive, I liked the way that Drive replaces the toolbar options based on the scroll of the page.

AngularJS helped a lot to build amazing dashboards because the data-two-bind works fine despite the limitation discover with large projects.

The API for server how a CDN Cache Image Crop

Again, at this time, I didn't know Cloudinary, so I decided to build an API with some features as crop and cache. Initially, I did start my research using Pure PHP, then I transferred the code to Laravel.<ADDRESS_IMAGE>

Some wins of this project:

  • The system identifies the width and crops the image (JPG or PNG with opacity)
  • Each image has a UID in database
  • When a new request is sent, the system searches in the cache before generating a new image

More details

When the user needed to create a new album, he could add the clients before of config the album:

Creating a new album

In the My albums, is possibly show the list in square mode or list:

Show options: List or square

After finish the work with the album, its time to share with the client for to select your photos, then clicking in the share icon the email editor open to setting the client and a good message:

Email editor open when the user go to share an album

How a said, this project unfortunately not launched, but I really like the work that I did in the user experience at the time using only AngularJS + CSS and I wanted to share this with you.

What project you liked work and never go was launch to production?