Dealing with the frustration into IT sector

This is a short text where I will talk more about one thing present in our lives, frustration.

When you work in the IT sector, mainly with software development you need to deal always with the frustration, It's because are many things that you haven't to control such as career, roles, new technologies, frameworks, etc.

More and more companies expect more from you

With the COVID-19 pandemic situation, a lot of companies opened new positions to work remotely, surely for an employer is perfect if you know every tech skill that they want, but not stay concerned with that, nobody is perfect, and probably, you will never to fit 100% with a role.

Frameworks, love or hate?

How a developer, work with some framework of the language you like is great, but the technology is growing up faster than we can follow, so you need to accept that you don't will know every framework, but remember, if you are a developer, you can to learn a new tool or framework whether necessary.


LinkedIn is a great tool, but sometimes you can imagine you are depreciated in your career seeing people posting new amazing roles on big companies.

Do your work, build your projects and forget the others, to compare your life with the others isn't a good way and life is not linear, each person to do your path, with your own time, that's ok!

Working remotely might not be a dream all the time

In the past, it could be like a dream, work anywhere, from home, but now this is a reality for many developers around the world, but you need to prepare for the frustrations to work remotely as well.

Many times you will work alone, it requires of us a better organization, you need also take care with your mental health and physical:

  • Drink water
  • Make exercises
  • Talk with your colleges
  • Make a routine
  • Sleep better!

If you do not control what you can control, the dream job might become hell.

Invest your time to make a good career

We are living in a world where developers want to make money and success immediately, people like Freud or Albert Einstein spent many years researching, testing, writing, and learning for build a brilliant history.

We need to invest in our knowledge for a long time, is impossible to buy experience, this is achieved by studying, learning, researching, working, share ideas, and sometimes making a lot of mistakes.

Isn't every company that got a good interview process

Each company has a process for making the interview, sometimes you can feel frustrated after passing through for an interview, but what I've been seeing is, not all company have a good process to assess if a candidate is nice or not, not means that you are the worst professional, continue your studies and learn with your mistakes.

To finish, some lessons that I learned across the ten years working with programming:

  • Health is important;
  • Is impossible to learn ever-technology that exist;
  • No course will teach you in 12 months to be a developer senior;