Communication between different cultures

Recently, I have started to read the book The Culture Map – Erin Meyer, and this book made me think about communication among software engineers, which is usually dominated by more closed personalities.

Why understand more about cultures?

When I buy this book, my goal is to understand more how is to deal with person of other cultures, primarily because now I work in a company with a diversified cultures (UK, South Africa, Brazil, EUA, Canada, etc.), and it seems to me a point ignored for many people that wants to work remotely, the world is complex, and isn't just you speak english and go to have success in your career, communication will be a part very important in your virtual career as a software engineer, so you need to study a little at least, to try understand what happens inside your team.

What the next framework?

Is common to hear in the community (specially Frond-End) reaching out for the next framework to study, what tools and anything is the next thing to study, but you need to stop wonder life is just technical skills, in real-life, especially working remote, you frequently will going to attend daily meetings, or one-by-one with another guy, or your boss, or to fix a problem together with your colleagues, and you will need to listen, but that is the point to study deeply about cultures low-context and high-context, and of course to know what to do to fix misunderstood.

Is an exercise for your career

The world is wonderful and complex, that is the beauty of life, so if you want to improve your soft skills and make your routine easier, start to study about culture and communication may help you to understand your team, and that it's a central point, in my opinion, I hope this tiny article could help you in your journey.

Cheers 🥂